New Photoshoots

March 27th, 2010

I have added some more photoshoots, thanks Jess and Deko.

3 Responses to “New Photoshoots”

  1. Eliza Says:

    Hey–did you all just start this site?? I noticed the original Whishaw Revisited just went under and was lamenting the fact that there was no decent Ben site out there! I’ve actually been tagging a bunch of articles, sites, a few pics, etc that are Ben-related to my Delicious account. I would gladly share them with you if you’re interested.

  2. Vicki Says:

    I’ve no idea who started it as someone else was gonig to taae this site but gave it to be, and the news and content was gone so I had to rebuild that, I changed the name from “Whishaw Revisited”.

    And that would be great thanks.

  3. Eliza Says:

    Vicki, do you happen to have a delicious account? If you do, then I can join your “network” and I can send them right to you. If you don’t–it’s really easy to sign up. I use my account professionally, so I can’t really make the bookmarks completely public.

    Great job on the site so far! But you need to get a picture of Ben up in that box… :)